Lirik Lagu Our First Song Joseph Vincent, Cocok Bikin Hati Wanita Meleleh

- 10 September 2021, 21:46 WIB
Joseph Vincent.
Joseph Vincent. /

CERDIKINDONESIA - Joseph Vincent adalah seorang gitaris, penyanyi, dan penulis lagu dari Amerika.

Sang musisi tersebut lahir di Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat pada 15 Agustus 1989.

Berikut merupakan lirik lagu "Our First Song" dari Joseph Vincent.

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Time to let the, time to let the, time to let the beat drop
Baby I'ma let you know, and always gotta be fast
Maybe we can take it slow
Don't always gotta rush, gotta build that trust
We're two birds just singin' that song

Singing that ladeedeedodeeda, melodies go back and forth
You sittin' on that G string, maybe I just struck a chord
The music's in your heart, that's where I'm gonna start
And if you just play along
I'll make sure I'm in tune
In this concert just for two

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'Cause this is our first song
Sorry I had you waiting so long
Gotta make it perfect it can't be wrong, no
Tryin' to keep doin' it right, with you on my mind
'Cause you are my baby
Promise I'll treat you like a lady
And I won't do you no harm
'Cause this is our first song

Let's take a flight, through the clouds
In the sky, can't bring us down
To the ground in reality's hole
Let's make all our fantasies real, yeah you already know
That I'm taking requests, tell me what to do
Where we going next, I'l leave it up to you

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